The challenge

There is a high demand in all the professions for first-class graduates, and suitable talents are rare. That also applies for law firms. Above all medium-sized companies, such as our customer Esche Schümann Commichau, often have difficulties here. Unlike mega law firms, they don't have the resources to push their employer brand at all universities or major recruiting events, where they could attract the best talent.

The solution

An innovative concept: Three medium-sized law firms, Esche Schümann Commichau of Hamburg, Menold Bezler of Stuttgart and Kümmerlein of Essen, host a joint career event. The annual event features workshops, discussion rounds and networking. The Jurfixe was born. We were on board right from the beginning and developed the website as well as all communication materials. Our focus was on good implementation capability. Therefore, once we had done the groundwork, our customers should be able to re-use the content for their annual event.

The result

This year, the Jurfixe takes place for the fifth time. In 2018, it won the PMN Management Award in the Personnel Marketing category. The event is so exclusive that the participants have to "apply" for it. That already puts them into close contact with the law firms.

Thinking beyond the job.

When it comes to HR, you need a partner who helps you take new paths and gives your ideas wings. Knowing today what will grip tomorrow's employees is a challenge which can be met by applying solutions that take the long view. We help you find personnel – from apprentices to executive managers.


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